The IAJ hosts a number of seminars to inform journalists about issues that journalists deal with, stories that unveil over time, and briefings by experts on events as they unfold.  The briefings are immediate and serve to inform journalists




Breakfast briefings
Early-bird in-newsroom technical / legal / medical / scientific etc. briefing on breaking-news issues, which help journalists to hit the ground running on a busy news day. Paid for by individual news media. One hour long.
Open houses
Sun-downer panel debate by selected experts, or book launch, on issues of critical importance to journalists and other media practitioners. Two hours long.
Spark seminars
Lunch-time technical briefing on complex developments followed by an expert panel debate, film premiere or multimedia presentation. Usually live-tweeted. Free and open to the public. Three hours long.
Peer-learning engagement in partnership with academic or specialist organisations, for media practitioners and experts, on journalism and communications best practice. Usually free and open to the public. One to two days.