Onsite Training

IAJ Onsite Training works with key partners and top experts to provide you with a tailored solution and recognised certification.

Onsite solutions are created to address skills shortages in your office at' your workplace.  These practical interventions are both cost-effective and address company-specific issues.
There are a variety of methods in which to achieve your objectives:

  • Standard in-house training solution
    An standard IAJ training course that have run at your business premises for your people.  Our experienced facilitators can address issues that you experience in your organisation under the pre-designed structure of the training course.
  • Customised in-house solution
    A standard IAJ course is adapted in consultation with you to suit your unique requirements, delivered by an expert in the field at your premises.
  • Consultancy
    IAJ, as an industry stalwart has established networks of the best journalism and communications specialists.  Tap into this network to develop your strategies further, streamline your processes and bring your organisation up to speed on best practices.
  • Combination solution
    An IAJ consultant and subject expert will come conduct a needs analysis and then develop a training course from the ground up.  Practical to transfer needed skills.