Vision, Mission and Values


  • The Institute for the Advancement of Journalism promotes and supports a free and independent media in South Africa and the rest of Africa through the training of journalists and communicators.


  • The Institute for the Advancement of Journalism is a media training institute.  We provide core and specialised training across all media platforms for journalists and communicators in all spheres of the media.Known for our reputable training and our longstanding passion for the media’s role in a democracy, we offer inter-active, blended learning with subject matter experts.  We translate our mission into action by:
  • Delivering relevant training across all media platforms to working journalists and communicators throughout Africa;
  • Promoting professional standards;
  • Supporting and initiating training programmes which stimulate the development of sound news values and an appreciation of the key role of the media in democratic societies;
  • Supporting the right to freedom of expression as enshrined in our constitution;
  • Upholding integrity and truth-telling in the media;
  • Advocating non-racism, non-sexism or any other form of discrimination; and
  • Prioritising community journalism in previously disadvantaged communities.


The Institute of Advancement of Journalism ascribes to the following values


We strive to achieve excellence and quality in everything we do.


We strive to maintain social, ethical and organisational values and firmly adhere to codes of conduct and ethical principles.


We strive to commit to a culture of constant learning and share of knowledge in order to enhance the collective knowledge of the organisation.


We strive to take personal responsibility for achieving our objectives.


We strive to accept change and new ideas and adapt to changing requirements/ environment.


We strive for freedom of expression, non-biased reporting and a society free of sexism and racism.