Skills development  Programmes

IAJ programmes are in line with the national skills development strategy 

As newsrooms shrink, media practitioners are placed under increasing pressure to multitask and to deliver more.  As there are fewer specialists are to be found, journalism graduates often lack important skills to do the job, and advances in technology place greater pressure on working journalists who must engage on more platforms than ever before.

Multimedia skills are now required across the board and journalists today do things they would never have imagined ten years ago: tweet from courtshoot and edit cellphone videos of protests; use tablets to tape and take notes on interviews; and data-mine the internet to investigate stories. Skills not covered in the curricula of colleges and universities are now a daily operational requirement.

A significant number of the IAJ short courses are tailored for communications professionals as well, and our target market stretches beyond journalists to include government, corporate and civil society communicators.

Short Course

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IAJ offers a full spectrum of innovative, hands-on, practical skills-development facilitator short courses of 1 to 5 day duration covering the following areas of competence across all media, including print, on-line, broadcast and social media platforms:

  • Research and Data
  • Writing: Content and Editing
  • Technical Production
  • Beats, Situations and Events
  • Management and Strategy
  • Regulatory and Legal

These courses cover over 80 media related subjects to support journalists and communicators in refining and developing their crafts. These short courses are offered at standard, advanced and executive coaching levels and are designed and facilitated by-award winning international and local media practitioners and subject matter experts using world-class training methodologies.

Course Delivery Options

  1. The IAJ provides training courses that are facilitated at your business premises for your staff under the pre-designed structure of the training course.
  2. The IAJ can tailor its courses to suit your unique requirements and deliver it at your premises. An IAJ consultant and subject expert will come and conduct a needs analysis and then develop a training course for your organisation.
  3. You are welcome to sign yourself or your staff up to a course on the IAJ Calendar. These courses are delivered at the IAJ premises in Richmond, Johannes

The IAJ is a registered and accredited service provider of journalism and communications courses.  All courses delivered by the IAJ are certificated by the IAJ and/or its training partners.  Only the courses listed under qualifications and skills programmes below carry credits on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Accredited Qualifications

The IAJ also offers Higher Certificate (NQF Level 5) qualifications as a registered service provider of the MICT-SETA.  These tend to be full year programmes offered as learnerships and internships to journalists in or out of employment.

  • Radio Station Management (157 credits)
  • Broadcast Engineering (120 credits)
  • Radio Production (159 credits)
  • Journalism (120 credits)

Trainees are required to build a portfolio of evidence when they do the above qualifications.  These are assessed, moderated and certificated by MICT SETA approved service providers such as the IAJ prior to certification for the qualification is issued.


Accredited Skills Programmes

The IAJ has been accredited to provide skills programmes and has up to 208 unit standards (modules) which it can combine to deliver accredited credit-bearing skills programmes.  This arrangement enables prospective clients to choose accredited programmes as is relevant to their immediate or select training needs.

Regional Programme

The IAJ also conducts training regionally and/ or for specific interest groups like community media within South Africa and across the continent.  These training courses are hosted in South Africa at the IAJ premises or in another African country.  Trainees on these courses are generally sponsored by donors and partners.

The IAJ’s regional and Africa programme supports media practitioners in Africa and provides the above-listed short courses as well as courses customised to clients requirements.

Community Media

The community media sector is currently vibrant, particularly in radio which reaches remote parts of the country.  The IAJ provides training to community media, in both urban and rural areas, with an emphasis on vernacular language radio stations.  It consistently seeks bursary opportunities to include community journalists in its training programmes.


The IAJ host conferences, seminars and workshops designed to promote the exchange of views and experiences among media practitioners. The IAJ would like to see journalism advanced through credible skills, debates, insights, perspectives and critical thinking that are appropriate to where SA and the continent are at the moment.