Faiza Abrahams-Smith – Executive Director

Faiza Abrahams-Smith’s early working life, in Vumani Project, was spent advocating and lobbying for children’s rights and for access to early education.  She joined the IAJ in 1993 as a training coordinator.  This set her on a career path in the media industry.  After a brief stay in England, Faiza took the reins of the National Community Radio Forum as Chief Executive Officer in 2002. In so doing, she represented community radio on Department of Communication platforms.  She passionately advocated for a fair allocation of frequencies so that community radio stations could deliver on their mandates.  She also served as the National Chapter Director at MISA – Media Institute of Southern Africa where she promoted media diversity, pluralism and self-sufficiency within the broadcast sector.  She rejoined the IAJ as Executive Director in 2015. Her areas of expertise are in advocacy, lobbying, fund raising and policy development within the broadcast arena.