Short Courses

As newsrooms shrink, media practitioners are placed under increasing pressure to multitask and to deliver more; while fewer specialists are to be found, journalism graduates often lack important skills to do the job, and advances in technology place greater pressure on working journalists who must engage on more platforms than ever before.

Multimedia skills are now required across the board, and journalists today do things they would never have imagined ten years ago: tweet from court; shoot and edit cellphone videos of protests; use tablets to tape and take notes on interviews; and data-mine the internet to investigate stories. Skills not covered in the curricula of colleges and universities are now a daily operational requirement.

We provides key training skills for government and other service providers to work well with media in order to distribute important information to citizens.

The IAJ has a range of courses that build core writing and production skills and equip media practitioners to work in an increasingly technologically diverse milieu. Our facilitators are subject-matter experts and using world-class training methodologies.

Our Short Courses are innovative, hands-on, practical skills-training workshops facilitated by experienced subject-matter experts. Courses are run over 1-5 days, in modular format if required.

Client based Training

  • Standard in-house training solution
    Standard IAJ training courses that are facilitated at your business premises for your staff.  Our experienced facilitators can address issues that you experience in your organisation under the pre-designed structure of the training course.
  • Customised in-house solution
    Standard IAJ courses are tailored in consultation with you to suit your unique requirements, delivered by an expert in the field at your premises.
  • Combination solution
    An IAJ consultant and subject expert will come and conduct a needs analysis and then develop a training course for your organisation from the ground up.


Onsite Training

IAJ Onsite Training works with key partners and top experts to provide you with a tailored solution and recognised certification.

Onsite solutions are created to address skills shortages in your office at’ your workplace.  These practical interventions are both cost-effective and address company-specific issues.

Sponsored Courses

Funded workshops that are practical and theoretical intensive. The training takes place on regional and African issues facilitated by subject matter experts. These workshops are for media personnel from Africa, either hosted in South Africa or in another African country. Trainee competency is certified by the IAJ and our partner organisations. Trainees are sponsored by donor funders.