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29-08-17 - 31-08-17 All day

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  • 25-07-17 08:45 - 27-07-17 16:00

    Who to Contact : Maki Mathe ( or Gugu Ndaba (
    Area of Concern: All Platforms
    Understand the politics, pricing and technologies around energy.

    This workshop is designed for journalists who cover all kinds of issues relating to electricity. The politics, pricing and technologies around power is becoming increasingly contentious and complex to report. A good understanding of generation, the politics, the pressures and pricing are all needed to understand the full picture. Attention will be given to the physical production process, transmission and distribution as well as advantages and disadvantages of each method of power generation.

    Outcomes: by course end you will be able:
    • understand the processes of generating electricity including thermal, hydro, renewables, nuclear and new emerging technologies
    • Know the specific strengths and weaknesses of different modes of generation
    • Overview the complex politics of power generation in our region
    • Examine the pricing of electricity for industry and home users
    • Explore infrastructure layout and the impact of theft • Navigate concerns around distribution issues
    • Consider an alternative trajectory for electricity development in South Africa
    • Investigate electricity as a rights issue

  • 01-08-17 - 03-08-17 All day
    • sharpening your writing skills
  • 16-08-17 - 18-08-17 All day
    • Strategy is key in making communication successful