06-07-17 08:45 - 16:00
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Who to Contact : Gugu Ndaba ( or Maki Mathe (
Area of Concern: All Platforms
Investigative Journalism has the power to uncover and challenge corruption, injustive and criminal activities.

Who should attend: The workshop will improve the investigations skills of journalists from newspapers, magazines and internet publications.

Good investigative journalism has the power to uncover and challenge corruption, injustice and criminal activities. It can turn the tide of opinion, overthrow regimes, it can literally change the world.
Join the fine tradition of South African investigative journalism!
The practical, insightful course will cover how to:
• Pitch your stories to your editor;
• Identify and mapping key sources;
• Gauge the value of your sources;
• Conduct forensic interviews;
• Manage vulnerable sources and journalistic ethics;
• Mine new media for information;
• Reconstruct and create a paper trail;
• Understand the numbers and make them easy for your audience;
• Cut through the spin; and,
• Write up the investigation to captivate your audience.

The approach for this course will be facilitated adult learning, guided by an experienced IAJ facilitator who is a veteran investigative journalist. This Outcomes-Based Education methodology is interactive, hands-on, based on real case studies and is designed to produce practical skills.