Renowned futurist, academic and innovation expert, Pieter Geldenhuys, explored the latest technology trends with a forward vision at Ads24’s Food for Thought event, a morning of in-depth, interactive discussion, networking, socio-political and business insights and fascinating food. Ads24 provided food for thought and a networking opportunity for senior media industry professionals at this recent thought leadership event.

Geldenhuys looked at some of the trends shaping our world and the future of various technologies that would impact our lives: the future of security; a revolution in farming; whole new ways of looking at transport, quantum encryption; quantum computing; biotech; bio-medicines and CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing. He looked at the implications of a future with an abundance of free, sustainable energy; how we could become masters of our own evolution by engineering our own DNA; and how the symbiosis between technology and human beings has redefined us.

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