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The IAJ is committed to the advancement of journalism and the enhancement of communication skills.

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About the IAJ

The IAJ is a media training Institute. We provide core, specialised and tailored training across all media platforms for communicators and journalists in all spheres of the media and in so doing we serve media houses, community media, government departments and corporates so that they are better able to inform, educate and empower citizens.

The IAJ is a media training Institute is a verified Level 4 Contributor BBBEE company. The IAJ is also registered with the Media, Information and Technology Sector Education Training Authority (MICT -SETA)

Known for our reputable training and our longstanding passion for media’s role in a democracy, we offer inter-active, blended learning with subject matter experts.

Reporting on Illicit Finance in Africa

We are looking for journalists based in Africa who are motivated to understand how their country could be losing money via illicit means.

Reporting on Illicit Finance in Africa
Dates: 12 March 16 March | Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Application deadline: 25 February | Programme: Wealth of Nations – Illicit finance (NORAD)
For application click: http://www.trust.org/media-development/opportunities/?

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