Comments from Students


Comments from previous delegates on IAJ training

  • I have done a lot of training in my time and I think this course was streets ahead of everything else I have done
  • Love it! The course was tailor-made for each student
  • This course is totally awesome!
  • The course was amazing, learned so much in three days!
  • The programme is planned in such a way that each day is very interesting and fruitful
  • I really enjoyed this course. It is very interactive and pushes you to overcome your fear of writing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
  • Interesting, engaging, inspiring!
  • I enjoyed the course, it was great and I learned a great deal. I can’t wait to use the knowledge in my work
  • Just fascinating. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s give me renewed passion for my work.
  • The methods used were efficient
  • There was a good balance of theory and practice
  • A lot of really valuable information provided in an easy to digest way

The IAJ with its long history is well-placed to recruit the top facilitators in their fields:

  • Best facilitator I’ve ever met! I learned a lot from him. Would have to attend another course facilitated by him
  • Great choice! Great facilitator that really covered a wide array of factors associated with the topic
  • Amazing facilitator!
  • He is great and it feels good to be taught by someone who has background in your field of study. In his case all of us were satisfied because he is a jack of all trades
  • He was amazing! I would attend any course facilitated by him
  • The experience of the facilitator as a journalist shone throughout, in only two days I feel very much refreshed thanks to her methods
  • She is an exceptional trainer facilitator who pushes you hard enough without you drowning
  • She is very engaging, her passion for the media and interactive way of facilitating this keeps you on your toes!
  • She was wonderful. Love her energy, enthusiasm and creativity.  Janine is well informed and made the course enjoyable