Rest In Peace "Hugh Lewin"



Hugh Lewin was Head of Print at the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism when he was seconded to the TRC in 1995.After the TRC, IAJ appointed Hugh as the Executive Director (1998 – 2001).

Our deepest sympathy at this most challenging time .May fond memories of your relationship with Hugh bring you comfort during this time of bereavement.

IAJ Board and Staff send condolences to Fiona and the rest of the family.

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by | Dec 14, 2018

NQF level 5 Radio Production

The National Certificate in Radio Production at NQF Level 5 is generic across commercial, public and community service fields. The community impact of this Qualification includes the presentation of job opportunities to which all-cultural groups have access, through community radio broadcasting. The Qualification is also wide ranging, cutting across a broad spectrum of the economy. The Qualification was designed to accommodate radio programmes relevant to all audiences. The Qualification aims at enabling learners to be employable in all three sectors (public, commercial and community). Production, packaging, journalistic, content development are competencies required across all three tiers of broadcasting and the qualification will allow the competent learners to be employable in all sectors of radio not just community radio.

NQF level 3 end user computing


The purpose of the qualification is to build the knowledge and skills required by learners in End User Computing. It is intended to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to operate confidently in the End User Computing environment in the South African community and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment.

assess resources for interactive media production

Learners should be introduced to and be shown examples of the various platforms for interactive media production. Wherever it is possible, the tutor should demonstrate using actual products with the learners instead of just discussion so that learners are able to develop their understanding of what each of the various products comprises. Group discussions and activities could help learners improve analytical skills and understanding so they are able to analyse a range of products on different platforms e.g. phone apps, Internet, CD/DVD-ROM. Although it is most likely that examples will be from an American or British market, it would be beneficial to look at examples from other countries and learners could discuss differences and similarities. It would also be useful for learners to consider and discuss new and emerging technologies as potential platforms.

gather interactive media content from existing sources

The purpose of this unit standard is for learners to be able to gather interactive media elements for inclusion in designs or stand alone elements inline with given specification usually in the form of a brief. Learners generally work in the Interactive Media industry as digital designers either for companies or establishing their own business. Competence to design for Interactive Media is desired in the media field, thereby meeting the needs of industry whilst simultaneously empowering the learne

NQF level 5 broadcast engineering

The purpose of this Qualification is to build competencies required by learners in broadcast engineering to enable them to work as technicians in the broadcast industry. The acquisition of knowledge and skills will empower learners to respond to challenges in the broadcasting environment and the changing world of work where the Broadcast Technician is an important extension of the Engineering field. The learners will also acquire the attitudes and values required to operate confidently as individuals in the South African community.

radio station mamagement

Managing a broadcast radio station involves dozens of complex tasks. The general manager of a medium or large market station has to oversee all the departments and keep track of everything from the station budget to Federal Communication Commission regulations. … Ensure that radio station employees follow procedures.

NQF level 5 journalism

An exciting and fast-paced career, journalism is a great fit for recent grads who are interested in current events and passionate about storytelling. If you’re considering a career as a journalist, then you’re probably wondering how to get started. For example, is there anything you can do to hone your writing skills and get employers to notice you? Absolutely!

web 2.0 design interactive media

We at the IAJ are experienced in providing Multimedia Training courses for a number of large corporate associations. Gazette Media Company,  Media24 and the Press Association and have all benefited from our bespoke training.

If you wish to speak to us about putting together a training plan for your business or individual within your organisation please get in touch. We currently offer three training options; a beginners course, an advanced course which includes Actionscript and a bespoke training option. Each of the options is detailed below.

Our training program is aimed at developing a community of certified professionals, and providing organizations with the opportunity to ensure their staff are fully trained and proficient in the implementation of ICT products. Whether you prefer the flexibility of self-paced online training, or the structure and interaction of an instructor-led classroom course, there’s an option to suit you.

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